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Why Amaze?

Assessment Battery

Scientifically validated tests created by experts

Technology platform

Ease of administration

& tracking progress

Reports Engine

 Comprehensive analytics, interpretive reports and recommendations. 

Expert Guidance

 Online or Clinical consultation for actionable next steps.

Our Services



Know cognitive strength & weakness of your child

Apply this knowledge to enhance learning

Monitor the progress of intervention



Cognitive map of classroom

Early identification and remediation of poor learners

Identify gifted kids and BOOST ACADEMIC RESULTS



Separate out cognitive issues from behavioral issues 

Prepare child’s IEP

G Coordinates help you with specific SPED measures that will work



Know the Strength and weaknesses

Educational planning based on their learning processes

Prevent negative effects of learning Disability

Key Features

device + shadow

Simple yet Elegant test Platform

Amaze offers the best testing platform for your children in both Web and App based platforms for all schools and colleges

Innovative & modular

Assessment types that reveal more than just Academic performance

Engineered & optimized

tech platform for reliable data capture from test takers using AI.

Supports both

Individual as well as Group Administration of Online Psychoeducational Tests

Helps Educators & psychologists

with faster & accurate diagnosis with pre-analyzed data.

Affordable Pricing

model with SaaS subscription model for continued progress tracking.

Access to our expert panel

for recommended IEP for each child (Individualized Education Plan)

Based on CHC Theory

Liked What you saw about Amaze SAMPLE REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS

Don't Take our Word

See what they have to say

Principal & Educational Expert

Dr. Shyam R
“I liked the concept of bringing neurocognitive tests into classrooms instead of doing it in a counsellor's clinic. Testing a child's specific mental development in addition to academic scores can help our teachers guide the children based on their strong and weak areas.”

Rajni Jain

This was a wonderful experience as our sons enjoyed taking the tests. The detailed report from Amaze team has helped us in understanding my child's strength areas. We feel more connected to our sons now. Amaze experts also recommended potential causes for lower grades and how this could be improved.

Reena Gupta

Educational Therapist
“I find Amaze an innovative technological tool for assessing a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses. While it reduces the time taken for cognitive assessments, it’s a fun way to engage students in their own learning process. The reports generated can be a good source of information for parents and teachers to design students’ academic path.”


Go beyond academic grades. Get a complete Cognitive profile of your child today