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What is Amaze?

With Amaze, you get a window into a Child’s brain and intelligence.

Amaze is an AI-powered Digital Assessment platform developed by the experts from the fields of technology, educational psychology, neurosciences and paediatric experts from around the globe.

The platform is a remarkable combination of next generation technologies & world-class psychoeducational assessments delivered with detailed insights about a child’s potential. It is impossible for every child to receive the same level of learning in the academic, social, emotional context. Both, the school grades (which offers a limited view of a child’s true ability) and a visit to a psychologist’s clinic (expensive, time-consuming) need to be done for getting a complete picture of a Child’s true intelligence. Amaze has narrowed the gap by developing a psychoeducational assessment battery that can be delivered using technology in a classroom (group administration) as well as in a psychologists clinic (individual administration). Whichever format you choose, the test results are exceptionally detailed and take into account the observations of the child. This makes it a ‘mainstream assessment’, something that the Children are used to taking in schools. For Psychologists, it saves them over 50% of the times spent in test administration and manual response capture. The quicker test results make it easier for the trained teachers and psychologists to recommend the next steps with reduced bias. The platform is designed to make the task of the parents, educators and psychologists easier without worrying about the costs, time and effort needed to conduct diagnostic and interpretive assessments about the children’s Cognitive, Linguistic, Academic abilities. Amaze offers rich insights about a child with easy to understand reports that collate and offer an integrated view of data captured through observations, parent/teacher surveys, academic scores/grades as well as actual test performance based on unique question types that are scientifically validated and tested. Children with exceptional abilities (gifted & talented) as well as those with specific learning disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD etc.) can be detected at significantly lower costs and reduced effort by educators and specialists. The deep insights through sophisticated test types rely on child’s true performance in addition to observational data from parents, educators and self-assessment.

Amaze assessments work equally well in classroom setting for group testing and clinical/home settings as an individualized tests. What makes it better than most other Psychoeducational assessments is the


  • Ease of administration for Assessors and test data capture using mobile devices.
  • Over 40% reduction in test duration when compared to regular psychoeducational assessments.
  • Faster turnaround time for results processing
  • Reduced assessor bias as the administered and recording of responses is automated.